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Program goals are inherent within each of the learning outcomes and rooted in our three UCF GSP pillars- Communication, Critical Thinking, and Teamwork.


ability to translate knowledge to wide range of audiences through varying formats and mediums.

Critical Thinking

capacity to work through complex problems, incorporating a wide range of “ways of knowing” toward innovative outcomes that acknowledge context and history.

Team Work

skills to work effectively across difference and difficulty toward a better understanding of the world around them and achieve shared, superordinate goals.

Science & Technology
The Long Journey of NASA’S OSIRIS-REx
The spacecraft retrieved rocks and dust from asteroid Bennu that may shed light on how life formed on Earth.
Colleges & Campus
UCF Continues to Make Pedestrian Safety Improvements on Campus
In preparation for National Pedestrian Safety Month throughout October, here’s what you need to know about UCF’s new safety enhancements for pedestrians.
UCF Researcher Receives NIH Grant to Study Diet’s Role on Side Effects of Blood Cancer Treatment
Blood cancers make up about 10% of the nation’s diagnosed cancers each year, and stem cell transplant treatments for these diseases can trigger immunological attacks…