The UCF Gulf Scholars Program (GSP) is team-based research and education opportunity for undergraduate students in any major. The high-impact learning experiencing is designed to develop a new generation of leaders and change agents who want to solve large, messy, socio-environmental problems in the Gulf Coast region. With both credit-earning and non-credit earning pathways the GSP supports a wide range of students. As a Gulf Scholar you would engage in courses, workshops, mentoring, and projects.

Why should I consider this program?

It will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to confront large-scale social and environmental problems from a variety of lenses. You will receive mentorship, team-science and intercultural competence training, education about a wide range of topics related to the Gulf Coast Region.

What exactly is a “Gulf Scholar?”

A Gulf Scholar is a member of a cohort of 10 students who will work together for two years to learn deeply about the Gulf Coast region and transdisciplinary approaches to facing challenges there. These scholars will apply the newly gained knowledge and skills in a Gulf Impact Project that will be shared at a Gulf Scholars Symposium.

What will be required of a Gulf Scholar?

A 2-year commitment and the following:
– Take “The Gulf Uncovered” IDS course
– Attend Intercultural Knowledge and Communication workshop
– Take an ethics course from list or become an Ethics Ambassador with the Be Better Club in the Center for Ethics
– Attend panel on social innovation and entrepreneurship or select a course from the provided list
– Participate in a week-long Gulf immersion Tour during Spring Break
– Complete a team based Gulf Impact Project with support from program mentors

Will it cost me any money?

Course options have all regular fees and costs; it is our goal to help students fit those courses into their plan of study in a way that does not add additional cost. Travel costs associated with the Gulf Immersion tour are included in the GSP, costs associated with the Gulf Impact Project will be paid for up to $500 per student.

Will I get paid to participate?

Yes! Students will receive a $1,000 stipend each year

Will I earn any academic recognition?

You will receive a certificate of completion, a GSP medallion for graduation and a Gulf Scholar Designation on your transcript.

Who can apply?

Any undergraduate student at UCF in approximately their second or third year. We highly encourage students from minoritized identity groups to apply (e.g., students of color, LGBTQIA+, first generation, neurodiverse, disabled, or Veteran students)

Where do I sign up?

The deadline is March 30th!